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About the BEF

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships.


All juniors in the United States are able to play, compete, and develop life skills in the sport of billiards.

Key Points:

  • all junior schools have billiard programs
  • all juniors play billiards
  • all juniors learn the social, cognitive, and physical skills that billiards teaches
  • all juniors have opportunities to advance to the next levels of competition
  • all juniors continue to use billiards as a positive force for their entire life
  • juniors are 18 & under


The mission of the Billiard Education Foundation is to develop a lifelong love of billiard sports in junior players by:

  • supporting billiard education and instruction.
  • promoting billiards as a positive way to learn life skills.
  • developing and facilitating billiard programs and competition at all levels.
  • providing academic scholarships.

Meet Our Board Members...

Deip-Vidal, Samm  

Phone: 303.667.8000

Cell: 303.667.8000

Email: samm@sammspocket.com

Howerton, Mike

Phone: 408.251.3452

Email: azhousepro@gmail.com

Liddawi, Ed

Phone: 732.632.9277

Cell: 908.251.1317

Email: edliddawi@gmail.com

Lee, Ivan

Phone: 847.549.6109

Email: ivan@simoniscloth.com

Sherman, Steve

Phone: 203.400.1284

Email: shermanscs@gmail.com

Singer, Philippe


Email: psinger@predatorgroup.com

Pastor, Roy 

Phone: 978.660.3677

Email: newengland@playusapool.com

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